A4 UV Flatbed Printer

单价: US $1850 US $2000.00





1.Flatbed UV printer is used for print any flat product except textile, such as acrylic, wood, galss, plastic, phone case, pen, card, golf ball, flat glasses lag etc...
2.Flatbed UV printer is directly print; for most material, no need coating, no need any treatment before or after print; it is one of them most convinient printing technology;
3.UV print effect is the best, strongest and most stable; no only water proof, acratch proof, but also alcohol proof, sun proof...
4.UV printer can print textured / embossing effect, hand feeling and visual perception are very good;
5.Our UV ink is very good quality and cheap, it is very cheap for print white effect or print on black products.


Model conversion from Epson R330
Print head  orginal R330 print head 
Printing speed 4*6 inch/12s
Max printing size 160*300mm
Printing height 50mm
Printer/Packing size 650*470*430mm/765*555*535mm
Max Media Thicknes 50mm
Height adjustment automation
Operating System Windows 7/98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/ XP/Mac/NT
Language English,Chinese
Led/Printer power 30w/60w
Software Photoshop, CoreIDraw, Illustrator, BR RIP, Micro Office etc

Necessary consumablesare:


1. Color UV ink + White UV ink, can print on any color product;
2.Cleaning liquid: it is better to keep some Cleaning liquid in stock, you may need to clean the printer someday (for example if you will leave it not work for long time);
3.RIP software is necessary for print white color, and its inner ICC is very good for print all colors;

Print process:

it is easy, directly print picture from computer with no transfer, no color lose:
1, light color product (no need white ink):
S1, put product on printer,
S2, choose the picture from computer and put it in RIP software,
S3, click print option, and it will be printed onto the product;

2, dark and black color product (need white ink):
S1, put product on printer,
S2, choose the picture from computer and put it in RIP software,
S3, click white print option;
S4, it prints white picture base onto the product;
S5, click the color photo print option;
S6, it prints color photo on white base;

Advantages: directly print picture from computer onto flat product;


(A4UV printer -phone case printing 2)